Rob Press - President

As the president and owner of the company, Rob says that what attracted him to the business in the first place still gives him the greatest reward. “Keeping the business end of things running smoothly is critical to our success,” he says. “But my heart is always out there on the shop floor and in taking part in the creative process that produces large format signage that is arguably a 21st century technological piece of art.”
Rob comes by his passion for the “artsy” side of the business honestly. His education focused on graphic design and sign graphics, but that quickly morphed into the hands-on experience he gained running a sign installation business before he founded Signage Source in 2003. “What really works for me now is that I found what I love to do, and I have built a career and a business around it,” he says. “Our staff inspire me with their unwavering commitment to educating themselves and our clients about the art and science of what we do. I feel fortunate to be part of the creative excitement and results we achieve for Signage Source customers every day.”

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Patricia Flynn Press - Project Manager

Growing up in a small Newfoundland town of 150 people, Patricia learned the importance of interpersonal relationships at a young age. “Back home, everyone not only knows your name, they know what makes you tick,” she laughs. And when you combine the irrepressible sense of humour people from “The Rock” are famous for with her unyielding commitment to customer service, it’s easy to see why she has a loyal cadre of clients who keep coming back for more.
In her spare time Patricia enjoys scrap-booking and spending time with her family. That talent for organizing information translates well into her duties at Signage Source. “Helping people conceptualize and see the big picture, keeping projects flowing smoothly and matching my customers’ needs to the best, most cost-effective solution possible is what I take satisfaction from,” she says. "What makes me tick is taking that sense of community, that sense of loyalty I learned back home and being honoured by our clients with the family trust they place in me."
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ABOUT US - The Team

Getting it right. The first time. Every time.
Through attention to detail, unparalleled customer service, and a commitment to being the best in the business Signage Source has built a reputation that depends on one thing: the people who work with us every day. No, not our material suppliers, not our bankers, not the catering truck that arrives at noon. Fundamental to our success is the team we’ve built in the front office, out on the shop floor and on the road with our installation team. It’s that simple. We are proud to stand behind them because they are proud to stand behind every piece of work that leaves our shop. Any questions?

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